Dog Guards without the bars.

Welcome to a totally new concept in car dog guards. Traditional guards consist of wire mesh screens, or heavy duty metal rods and bars. While everyone else sells these we wanted a less intrusive look and feel for our dog guards.
We have sucessfully developed custom made car dog guards with no metal bars or mesh at all. In fact our dog guards are made from 100% clear polycarbonate, so your rear view is completely unhampered.

With easy to fit guards which require no tools or vehicle modification whatsoever, and can be fitted in a couple of minutes.
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Car Dog Guards
Custom made clear guards for cars.
Clear Dog Guards. 

Being crystal clear our dog guards are very difficult to photograph, but that's great news for drivers. Every dog guard is custom made and has plenty of air vents to allow air circulation . Call 01299 822230 for full details and orders. Or click the pictuture above.

Car dog guards for near perfect visibility.